First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello Everyone
This is my first post, the title of the blog is “Bethink New”. This blog is for new thinking, so feel free to leave your helpful comments.

A new Beginning

Every day is a ‘new day’ which brings with itself new opportunities, new vision and new beginnings. The choice is yours, whether to waste it like another day or bethink something anew. Give it a thought, everyone has been blessed with similar physical structures and capabilities, the difference lies in their thinking mind. Yes, everyone’s ‘thinking man’ but the newness is in new thinking rather than churning on past thoughts, let go everything and create a new world with new thinking.

Beautifully quoted by Ben Stein,

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:

Decide what you want.”


Let go…and travel light

A new beginning needs a focus in the present to create a better future, if the mind is busy in churning the past, how could one focus in the present… the best rescue is two words “let go”, yes let go and travel light. While packing the bags for a holiday trip, you would prefer to carry only necessary and important things, similarly while traveling the terrain called life, why to burden mind unnecessarily with meaningless and thoughts.

A saint and his teachings

Once, a saint called his seekers to gather in a hall and asked to bring potatoes with them, everyone came and asked the reason of bringing the potatoes, the saint said, write names of those people on each potato whom they hate, jealous, angry and hurt. Everyone did the same, and made their bags of potatoes. Later, he askedĀ  to carry the bag along with them, no matter wherever they are going and report to him the same day, next week. Everyone was surprised but they somehow agreed to do so. As the days passed, the weight and the stinking smell of potatoes started bothering them, they just wanted to throw them in the dustbin. Finally, everyone gathered and briefed their experience to the saint.

Saint said, “When you can’t carry the burden of potatoes, then what is the need to burden your mind with grudges and past hurt. they stinks your mind and pollute the environment.

Let go all the grudges, past hurt and limiting beliefs.


Let go is a blessing where you free the mind from waste and ceaseless chains of thoughts and drama which your own mind is witnessing, it seems to be difficult at times but the only thing which clears your mind from dark clouds of negativity is to let go the bad feelings so that a new ray of positivity can come into your life.