First blog post

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Hello Everyone
This is my first post, the title of the blog is “Bethink New”. This blog is for new thinking, so feel free to leave your helpful comments.

A new Beginning

Every day is a ‘new day’ which brings with itself new opportunities, new vision and new beginnings. The choice is yours, whether to waste it like another day or bethink something anew. Give it a thought, everyone has been blessed with similar physical structures and capabilities, the difference lies in their thinking mind. Yes, everyone’s ‘thinking man’ but the newness is in new thinking rather than churning on past thoughts, let go everything and create a new world with new thinking.

Beautifully quoted by Ben Stein,

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:

Decide what you want.”


And Then….

‘Then’ is one word that always give goose bumps. This one word always intrigues me to give wings to imagination, as it has the capability to take you on a ride with myriad of emotions. Have you seen a kiddo asking in utter surprise, ‘And then what happened?’ An anxious father, ‘it happened then, now what?’ A daunting mother, ‘First, complete your homework and then?’ A friend reliving the happy moment, ‘back then, we used to play out more often’. A sad girl lost in herself, ‘and then that little thing changed everything between us.’ An overwhelmed moment for a boy, ‘And then one fine day she reciprocated to my feelings’ A movie ending with a tag line, ‘And then they lived happily ever after’. ‘Then’ can often be considered as a turning point or memoir for you to remember those ‘precious moments’ which has been responsible for the major changes in your life. Another curious thing about ‘then’ is ‘when’. We often, postpone our happiness for the big moments, ‘when’ this happens, ‘then’ I would be happy. We plan, make goals, and that’s good, but then I realized, no matter how much I plan; life happens! So, it’s of no use to worry about the pathways of the future but all that ever be is what’s happening here, and the decisions we make in this moment, So, I decided to drop ‘when and then’ and be ready and fully alive for the life to surprise me with its plan, as it will definitely lead me to make another ‘precious moment’ and down the memory lane I can say to myself one day, ‘And then life, love and all the craziness in between’. Don’t you think so?


The Whistling Pines!!!

In this green, every moment seems to be a dream,

Tall, beautiful, graceful pines,

seem to transcend the time,

My heart always pined for this moment, 

and look sweetheart, destiny pinned you to this

‘aha’ moment.

‘Thank You’ is a small word ‘Pines’, 

my heart can listen you ‘rhyme’.

Whistling, celebrating, dancing Pines,

seem to transcend the time. 

‘Thank you’ for the silent blessing

 I can hear my heart whistling

to this eternal ‘now’, where everything feels ‘wow’ 

Whistling, celebrating Pines,

dancing with the eternal ‘now’

asking me to be the same ‘somehow’

In this green, every moment seems to be a dream,

My heart always pined for this moment, 

and look sweetheart, destiny pinned you to this

‘aha’ moment.

The Whistling Pines









Chicken Vs. The Eagle

Have you ever heard the story about the chickens and the eagle? Well there was an eagle that fell from its nest far too early. A family of chickens found it, adopted it and raised it as if she were their own. As the eagle grew older, she began to be ridiculed by the chickens because of how clumsy she was. She had a hard time walking around on the ground, was also overweight, black and never really fit in. Then one day the eagle looked into the sky and saw a bird that looked just like her. She was in awe as the other bird was souring effortlessly as if it owned the sky, the wind. She wondered if she could ever fly like that. After all, she assumed herself as a chicken. In that moment, she decided to try and before she knew it, she ascended into the clouds just like eagles. she was amazed to learn that and all her clumsiness and self-doubt disappeared with them.


The crux of the story is to know ‘who you are?’, as the knowing would help you to become ‘the best version of yourself’. Any world that’s not your own is the world of chickens. That doesn’t make the chicken less valuable or worthy than the eagle; just different. Everyone is here to serve a unique purpose with different talents, abilities, gifts and skills. We should just own ‘who we are?’ and be the best ‘me’ we can be. That’s where our strength and power operates at its best, don’t you agree?

Sweetness of doing nothing..

In fast paced life everyone is running after something, don’t know what is it? But, everyone is on the move and this includes me!! I am a workaholic and sitting idle pisses me off. Making a to-do list, updating it at the end of day with one more task and ending up ‘doing nothing’ is a daily routine.

Out of nowhere, I felt to explore ‘doing nothing’, as in, what would really happen if I do nothing? And the mere thought, invited with it dozen thoughts, “Have you gone nuts? How could you ever think of doing nothing? Hmm…good excuse my dear..get to work now!! An old trick of ‘to-do-wired’ head to keep you trapped, making you feel guilty for thinking it in the first place and finally succumbing to it. But this time I asked head “Shut down, relax and stop being difficult, lets give it a try because there is no harm in it”. As a society, our minds have been conditioned from childhood to constantly accomplish something, and doing nothing gives an impression of lethargy and laziness. Out of fear the mind condemns you creating a ‘pseudo-feel’ as if something is wrong. This condemner has been implanted in you, just drop it!! 


‘Doing nothing’ releases the self-created pressure of many thoughts which are hurling in many directions and helps to take the feel of present moment. As I continued to focus  on ‘now’, I could sense myself becoming ‘light-headed, more alert and aware’. You tend to slow down and start to appreciate little things, be it just sipping a cup of coffee, reading newspaper, a simple conversation with a friend or whatever it is, the bottom line is doing it with complete devotion and totality in that particular moment. Gradually, start following the heart which will guide you into the ‘doing’. And this feeling is sweet, delicious, beautiful and gives satisfaction. And since then in the ‘to-do’ list, I never forget to add ‘doing nothing’!! Give it a try, as they would remain words, they won’t have any taste for you, the meaning has to be supplied by your experience!!

“Match toh hum basketball court mein haar gaye the”

Most of you have came across this dialogue from the movie ‘MS Dhoni, the untold story’ this always stirs me deep inside when I find myself tipping on the lower side of self confidence. Well, for the ones who haven’t watched the movie , I would like to narrate the scene,  Under-19 match is going on between Bihar and Punjab which was shown in the biopic. MS Dhoni playing for the Bihar team and Yuvraj Singh leading the Punjab team. After losing the match, MS Dhoni (Sushant) in the movie says, “toh day 2 mein hum out ho gaye 84 run pe, pura team out ho gya 357 run pe. Punjab batting karne aata hai, unka pehla wicket girta hai 60 pe, fir batting karne aata hai Yuvraj Singh. Day 2 ke end ka score 108/1. Day 3 ke end ka score 431/2. Yuvraj Singh double century, bahut maara, dhaaga khol diya ek dum. Last day – Day 4, Punjab ka total score 839… Yuvraj ke akele ka score 358, Bihar ke total score se 1 run jyada. “
Actually we lost in the basket ball court!!
Dhoni’s team saw Yuvraj Singh in basketball court and were in awe of his stardom (best player of Punjab) and the way he carried himself in that particular scene. His body language was cool, as if he owned that place and this actually reflected in his performance. Dhoni’s team lost at psychological level and Dhoni took notice of this at that moment itself ( an epic scene).


Along with physical strength, mental strength plays an important role in every endeavor of life. There are two ways to look at a person and situation. The moment we decide or believe the situation or the person is greater, actually we have lost the ‘battle’. And the other way is, we can’t change people and situations, they are just acting in their own accord, its only ‘you’ who need to be  in ‘focus’ and giving the best shot. And even if you lose, stop, reflect and would find that every loss or mistake is actually demanding to ‘Raise Your Standards’, taking sustained efforts to improve because that’s the key to become ‘the best version of ourselves’ and success will follow no matter what!!

Well, certain ‘dialog’ tickles your funny bone and drives you to take sustained efforts. This can be a funny or even a romantic one that just gears up your mood  .. I would be really grateful if you share that ‘dialog or lines’ which clicks you. It would be a fun and a learning!!


A silent voice!!

The other day a patient visited the dental clinic for a treatment, an old man in mid sixties with an apprehensive attitude towards the treatment. After a brief check- up , I explained him about the problem and what need to be done. He was listening with keen attention and said, ” I surrender myself to you”.  “C’mon sir, don’t speak such heavy words”, replied with a chuckle of surprise. He looked straight into my eyes and  said firmly, “No, I really mean it, I completely surrender myself to you”. Taken aback with his sincerity, I started doing his treatment but something inside me was pondering over his thoughts. His sincerity shifted my attention to a sense of responsibility. As soon as he went out of dental office, I found myself looking at his X-rays with a willingness to provide the best possible treatment.
Late night, his word ‘surrender’ was echoing in my head which stumbled me on a beautiful feeling ,”surrender_butterflywhenever, we surrender ourselves or difficulties to higher energy, source or almighty. That particular existence becomes responsible for ‘You’, and guides you into the unknown!!”

Let go…and travel light

A new beginning needs a focus in the present to create a better future, if the mind is busy in churning the past, how could one focus in the present… the best rescue is two words “let go”, yes let go and travel light. While packing the bags for a holiday trip, you would prefer to carry only necessary and important things, similarly while traveling the terrain called life, why to burden mind unnecessarily with meaningless and thoughts.

A saint and his teachings

Once, a saint called his seekers to gather in a hall and asked to bring potatoes with them, everyone came and asked the reason of bringing the potatoes, the saint said, write names of those people on each potato whom they hate, jealous, angry and hurt. Everyone did the same, and made their bags of potatoes. Later, he asked  to carry the bag along with them, no matter wherever they are going and report to him the same day, next week. Everyone was surprised but they somehow agreed to do so. As the days passed, the weight and the stinking smell of potatoes started bothering them, they just wanted to throw them in the dustbin. Finally, everyone gathered and briefed their experience to the saint.

Saint said, “When you can’t carry the burden of potatoes, then what is the need to burden your mind with grudges and past hurt. they stinks your mind and pollute the environment.

Let go all the grudges, past hurt and limiting beliefs.


Let go is a blessing where you free the mind from waste and ceaseless chains of thoughts and drama which your own mind is witnessing, it seems to be difficult at times but the only thing which clears your mind from dark clouds of negativity is to let go the bad feelings so that a new ray of positivity can come into your life.